Friday, December 18, 2009

You raised me up

Life is exciting. Lots of things to share and experience with..

I'm glad, before 2009 ended, I found someone that can lighten up my sorrow. Which I believe he is.

As for now, I'm happy, grateful, comfortable to know you. (You know who you are).
Deepest in my heart, I can feel that you are the one that I've been looking for all this while. You have the qualities of being a good friends, partner or lover.

Sometimes, I do feel afraid and scared. I am ready for this but I don't know from your side.
Are you feel the same? Or it's just me who are dreaming?

I want to fight for my own rights. It doesn't matter if in the end, I'm defeated, but as long as I've done my part and I'm happy that I've tried.

I didn't even introduced my best friend to any of my spouse before as I know that they will not accepted. But, you are different. You are intelligent. You are special. Because you are yourself.

I have nothing to hide. Nothing from being offended. This is me. A simple normal guy. I don't know how to flirt, to talk bad about people, and I'm always thinking that I am a boring-simple-kinda-person to be with. But, I'm proud of myself.

I have nothing to be proud of rather than a good family members, best friends, career, and personality. I'm not rich, I'm not good looking, I'm not sweet talker, I'm just an average guy.

I wanna pray to God that this will be my last track before I'll start to stop from run. Because I know, when I started to walk, I will stop and let you go.

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